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1. We want to make a case for democratic socialism within the Arts.

2. We want to create a culture for the working class.

3. We intend to create means of supporting artistic endeavours committed to socio-political practices.

4. We promote activism wherever possible and foster a commitment to politics beyond the arts.

5. We define ourselves as socialists and, therefore, support the Labour Party of Britain, trade unions and worker’s parties from around the globe.

6. We are internationalists: we advocate for inclusivity, fight discrimination and actively promote work produced by artists from marginalised communities.

7. We promote political education and welcome people from different walks of life willing to further their knowledge of politics and politics within the arts.

8. We will never do deals or support the monopoly of commercialised theatre. 

9. We want to champion the development of all artists.

10. We aim to rethink and discuss the foundations of the art and political establishment.

Our Manifesto: About Us
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