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Let's Get Political - Enya Menichini

Although I do not normally use social media actively and I struggle with overcoming the anxiety that such public platforms gives me, I think that at this time it is necessary to use any means in our power to speak up. The events that are taking places in the United States are troubling all of us who have empathy, common sense and a basic understanding of human rights. The now apparent to all institutionalised racism has been protected for years by systematic disbelief towards black and other non white people, who have instead always witnessed it first hand, and by the lack of the current technologies which are giving us painful, irrevocable and undeniable proofs of its existence. On this side of the ocean we do no do better. The racism that is harboured here is more subtle, and so more insidious and dangerous as it can easily infect those people who think of themselves as not racist and even allies, or become to them invisible. As someone who has many privileges, I need to start offering more support and to humbly urge my peers to do the same. However, firstly it is necessary to recognise that THIS IS A POLITICAL ISSUE. In the past few days I have time and time again seen well intentioned posts and articles arguing that we need to come together as collectivity to fight this cancer. Although I agree with the sentiment, I do not understand and cannot condone when it is stated that this is not and should not be political as “it goes beyond that.” Nothing goes beyond politics and political differences, because when you cast a vote and trust a party that knowingly does not care for the weaker members of society, that promotes divisions, discriminates because of skin colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and class, you are allowing this systematic discrimination to continue to take place.

At this time it is vital to show our support to those whose voices are not heard, make the effort to be actively anti-racist, get informed and be strong allies. THAT means going to vote when the time comes and vote for the many, not the few (white, cis, rich, privilege men)

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